Well I Nevern! Castell Nanhyfer Explored

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IMG_9414 Detail from heritage board showing the castle and the settlement below it, set within a worked agricultural landscape

IMG_9384 The tower within the inner castle

Nevern Castle is important in so many regards. It is a striking survival of a complex, well-preserved and multi-phased motte-and-bailey castle of the 12th century in South-West Wales. Situated in the lordship of Cemais, it was an Anglo-Norman earth and timber castle in its first phase, built by Robert FitzMartin c. 1108-1110. The site was recaptured by the Welsh from 1136 and it became enhanced with stone-built defences, perhaps during its occupation by The Lord Rhys of Deheubarth after 1156 or by William FitzMartin who took possession of the castle from c. 1171. The site is recorded as being dismantled in 1195 by Hwyel Sais to prevent its capture and use by the Anglo-Normans. The nearby town of Newport was its successor during the 13th century.

IMG_9379 Rock-cut ditch

IMG_9371 The…

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