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Brian Cox, master of the universe

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

Well, at least of the wonders of the universe aphorism. In that regard he’s truly up there with Carl Sagan. And having criticised him for an archaeological presentation, I was delighted to see him at his best on Easter Island.

From Human Universe 3: Are We Alone (photo BBC/Paul O’Callaghan)From Human Universe 3: Are We Alone (photo BBC/Paul O’Callaghan)

I wrote earlier about a sequence in the first of the BBC’s Human Universe films. Cox talked about modern human origins, and a – plausible – link with climate changes. I complained about how, I thought, a complex story was simplified to the point of being misleading (Henry Gee, a senior Nature editor who has handled many of the journal’s important science stories about human evolution, really didn’t like this bit). I ended my piece with a photo of Cox on Easter Island, with the caption, “Dare I watch?”

I did, and it was wonderful. The third programme began…

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